Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I’ve started to do more cooking and trying out recipes of all sorts. I got inspired after watching the movie “Julie and Julia”.

2. I hate the band KISS. Their makeup totally scares. I have seriously had nightmares….

3. I’ve always wanted to get married in Vegas. Paul and I have talked about getting our vows renewed there one day.

4. Besides my Lucy collection, I have now started a collection of all things Grace Kelly.

5. I love strawberry daiquiris.


Lysol Healthy Touch

Just wanted to share with everyone one of my new favorite products,the Lysol Healthy Touch Antibacterial No Touch Hand Soap System. I love it so much I am even giving some as Christmas presents this year! It works great when you are cooking with raw meat/eggs and need to wash your hands right away. CVS has a great deal this week-$9.99 with $5 ECB. Use a .75 off coupon. If you got your flu shot at CVS you can also submit a $5 rebate-

Everything Old is New Again

I love watching the Thanksgiving Parade.  It has always been tradition.  I love the floats, the musical acts and the general corniness of it.  One of the acts was a dance number by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It struck me, everything old is new again.  I thought they were long gone with the ninja turtles but apparently they have a new gold ranger and are making a comeback.  I think  everyone likes “old” (retro,vintage) because familiarity is often comforting. I know myself that even though I’ve watched  I Love Lucy  episodes hundreds of times, if I don’t feel good I love how thet cheer me up.  Besides familiarity, older things whether television shows, stories, objects seem to have a higher standard of quality.  So this Christmas think about something “vintage” for gifts (  It’s never how much you spend on a gift, it is the thought behind them that counts.  It doesn’t have to be the newest technology gadget to be cherished.

Home Made Greeting Cards

One of the projects I’ve been working on is making home made gift cards. This year all my Christmas cards will be home made. I really enjoy stamping, painting, and creating original designs. It is very relaxing to me. I hope to list some for sale on my etsy site soon.


Hello !

Hello Everyone! 

I decided to create a blog for two reasons.  First, I wanted to experience what all this blogging is about.  Secondly, I want to use this blog to communicate about items I am selling on Etsy or Ebay, projects I am working on and really anything else I feel is relevant. If you have questions about any items I have for sale or projects I am working on feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading!